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We are a network of women in science focusing on mutual support, interdisciplinary research, scholarly exchange, and dissemination.

Purpose of the Association:

  • Networking for women in science and culture
  • Promotion and opportunities for professional development and training
  • Mutual assistance and encouragement
  • Peer-to-peer-learning
  • Interexchange with other female scientists
  • Implementation and cooperation in research, cultural and networking projects
  • Publications
(Vienna, 07 June 2018) WISIA (Women in Science - an Interdisciplinary Association) won the Sustainability Award 2018 in the Structural Anchoring category. In order to promote sustainability processes within the Austrian university landscape and raise awareness about them, the Ministry of Sustainability and Tourism and the Ministry of Education, Science and Research jointly initiated the Sustainability Award in Autumn 2007. This award is presented every two years to the most innovative and sustainable universities. By giving the price to WISIA, an university-bridging network of female researchers has been honored.